Zander's story is one of hope, love and a true holiday miracle. 

Zander, who is deaf, was tossed over a fence at night in the rain, leaving him frightened and confused. Petpal's volunteers didn't know how long he had been there when they arrived the following morning. They quickly stepped in, showering him with love, belly rubs and treats! Once ready, he was placed for adoption. 

Then came Zander's angel, Michelle. And just in time for the holidays. Zander's "gotcha" day occurred 5 days before Christmas 2018, a true Christmas Miracle. 

One year later, Zander has learned sign language and is the happiest and most loving pup. He found HIS family and couldn't be luckier. Thank you Michelle for sharing Zander's story and supporting great rescues like Petpal. 

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